Group Overview

Elanee Technologies was established by the Elanee Group. The group has diverse business interest in IT Enable Services, E-Publishing, BPO, Contact Center, Research & Content services, Marketing services, Electronics Parts Manufacturer, Data Capture, Warehousing and Finance ect. Today, it has emerged as a leader in Technology Support, Financial Services, Insurance Services, Travel Industry, Data Management and Research.

Elanee Technologies is a market leader in providing direct marketing, telesales, customer services, surveys, inbound process, outbound process, electronic content services and solutions through the integration of technology and global resources. It is our strategy to serve our international clients wherever they have their customers. Elanee Industries emphasizes long-term business relationship to allow the time and ability to cultivate a value added relationship with our customers.

Elanee Technologies seeks ways to improve service quality while reducing costs for our clients through disciplined management techniques such as regular monitoring and measurement of agents performance. In-depth employee training on specific clients programs as well as on industry standard practices along with continuous technological improvement is one of our prime objectives.

Our technologies and global resources are backed by a solid foundation that began nearly half a century ago. Through the acquisition of leading content services companies we've created a synergy of technology, resources and expertise unmatched by other service providers.

Our clients include publishers, information aggregators, professional societies, government agencies, universities, libraries and major corporations manufacturers, health organizations and research departments

Core Values

To be a global, industry-leading provider of high quality, cost effective services designed to increase relationship using intellectual capital of Indian brain.

We will keep building our skills and distinguishing project methodology, together with our industry, business process and technology knowledge. Thus, we will be able to bring you the best practices, technologies and business models and help you to take full advantage of IT driven opportunities, and to anticipate and respond to new business challenges.

To provide a seamless extension of our client's customer relationship management process by being a premier provider of customer acquisition, customer care, and retention services.

OUR Team
Our strength lies in our team and we believe that working hand in hand is the only way to make great things happen. We have a committed team of professionals with experience in variety of tools and platforms. Our developers keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends. Our skilled people share a common vision of growth. We do what we believe in, and we believe in what we do.


  • Add value to customers' businesses
  • Keep commitments and meet deadlines at any cost.
  • Exceed customer expectations on all key performance metrics.
  • We are committed to maintaining a work environment that encourages innovation, growth and fun.
  • We will remain prudent and be responsible for our performance.
  • We wish to build the ultimate human organization, with a sense of loyalty and high integrity.


Elanee Technologies recognizes that knowledge is leadership and believes it is imperative that an organization attracts the best possible talent in the field. Always dedicated to work our team created the records of completing large projects in considerable less amount of time. Needless to say, the growth of Elanee Technologies has been spurred by the spirit of the individuals who work at various levels to keep ahead of the rest, and constantly rise to the challenges that beckon them at the frontiers of technology.

Mr. Narendra Savaliya (Chairman of the Board and CEO)
He is a first generation entrepreneur having over 5 years of experience, which encompasses software development, project management, creation of strategic alliances, business development and strategic planning. Mr.Narendra Savaliya brings with him a proven track record in setting up new companies, providing overall management support, setting up control and review mechanisms and handing them over to operating management to take forward. He also provides strategic direction to the company's plans for future growth - both organic and through strategic alliances, partnerships, synergistic acquisitions and other investment opportunities.

Miss. Asha Patel (Head,Sales & Marketing)
Asha has 5 years of vast experience managing companies in the emerging technology. His management and business skill-sets include, business development, product/channel marketing and corporate strategy. His core industry experience includes software & telecommunication. As a Head (Sales & Marketing), Asha is responsible for external marketing including winning recognition for the company's corporate and product brand values. Prior to Elanee Technologies, Asha held sales and marketing management positions for a number of software companies throughout the India including International call Centers, international telecom software provider & other Indian software giants where he negotiated strategic alliances and was responsible for successful positioning, market development and product marketing in national and International market with focus on USA and Europe markets. He has extensive operations experience building regional sales offices, marketing and sales programs and support organizations, and forging new international markets.


To provide a seamless extension of our client's customer relationship management process by being a premier provider of customer acquisition, customer care, and retention services.

What We Do

  • E Commerce Solutions
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Software Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Branding Services
  • Campaign Management